Monday, August 5, 2013

What Inspires Me

A recent series of articles by different people on LinkedIn put me to think about what inspires me.

Well when thinking of things that inspire me there is a long list that comes to my mind. A deeper thought brings in a conclusion that every bit of my surrounding is an inspiration; it is just the state of mind, at the time, conjuring whether to absorb the inspiration in that space or not.

To share an example, this is the most unsuitable time for me to write (as I ever think) when the house chores are whirring for my attention, when the sun is at its peak for anyone to beat the heat, when my son is all awake, up on his mischiefs to distract me and when what not…yet I am here writing intoxicated with inspiration spilling in the space. Each day when I sat at this time nothing came as an inspiration and there were countless reasons for me not to be inspired to write but today seemed a magical day. And the reason is a fresh state of mind.

Like I said there is limitless availability of inspiration around me, one of them is the silence of the night. In my teenage years it was this silence which filled me with inspiration and a paper and a pencil accompanied best to unfold that inspiration into creativity. To this day that silence brings in inspiration.

Another thing that inspires me is a good read. And in today’s Wi-Fi generation there are numerous sources for a good read. They culminate in me inspiring ideas for creativity.

A beautiful weather outside the window inspires me and fills energy within.

An artistic piece pours in thoughts of creativity and inspires me.

A walk or a drive is often a source of inspiration. Infact sometimes a conversation strikes inspiration for me. It fills me with ideas and a bucket full of creativity.

Do you think I need to add more to the list that inspire me? Just this small list can lighten the expanse of the floor of inspiration. It is just a state of mind which is ready to go around and pick these tits and bits of inspiration and put them into creative piece of art, thought or whatever. So think about and let me know does it work the same way for you. And are you also surrounded by tits and bits of inspirational sources.

And to conclude I would only say next time you are working on something but the energy is low…you are not getting the result, take a break. Pick one from the list of things that inspires you and give that source of inspiration five minutes of your time. Then get back to that work, you will find yourself with the energy to finish the task…you will be all inspired.

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