Thursday, May 16, 2013


Most of the times, we find our friends and colleagues unhappy as employees in a company, over a period of time. Have you ever wondered what change in working environment contributed to this changeover from a happy employee to an unhappy one? Is it the boss that has made the place unsatisfactory for you?

Often the bosses play an important role in our satisfaction level in a company. If they have the convincing power, understand when to stand by their team members, the scenario changes to quite an extent. Great bosses are remarkable and with their leadership abilities they make the organisation a remarkable place to work for.

So what are the qualities that we are looking for in the ‘remarkable boss’?

  1. Decision Making – One of my friends is full of praises when she speaks about her boss because he is a good decision maker. In calls where there have been unending discussions and arguments, his interruptions and decisions have been remarkable and applauded by everyone. And when you work with such decision makers, you tend to be satisfied with work as you know your time will not be wasted in unresolved scenarios.

  1. Taking the initiative and leading – This quality quite overlaps with the one of making decision. A manager with the ability to take decision can step forth and take initiatives. A very good example of an initiative taker can be displayed in this video where the coach risked his reputation and came forward to help the singer. The situation is - young Natalie Gilbert stumbles over Star-Spangled Banner (national anthem of United States of America) before the start of professional basket ball game. The coach of one of the teams Maurice “Mo” Cheeks comes forth to help. He takes the initiative setting an example of what leadership demands. It makes it so very clear, where there are leaders like Maurice, people are happy to follow.

  1. Development and Mentoring at a practical pace - When I resigned from my company, my replacement had a team of 10 to mentor. In our knowledge transition process I had a hard time convincing him that the pace of mentoring the team needs to be slower than what he was planning for. He wanted to load his decades of experience and knowledge on fresh starters. After I left the company I received e-mails from almost all my team members and each of them reflected the unhappy state.

  1.  Solutions and Fixing things – When we look at our managers we are expecting them to find solutions for our problems and get things fixed. A remarkable manager has the capacity to provide solution when a team member approaches. When the problems are not addressed then the dissatisfaction grows. I am lucky to have worked with such a manager who always had a way out of the problems I approached him with. He always provided alternatives as well. An employee is happy working if he knows there will be a very small period of ambiguity before his manager provides him a solution or alternative for a problem that is in his manager’s or senior authorities control.

  1. Using Correct Words – A fact but hard to accept, managers need to be good with words they use. Whether dealing with clients or team mates there are situations when you need to commend them and there are times when you need to censure. Commending a team member is quiet easy task but reprimanding needs skill. It is a situation where you need to be good with words to show the team member his mistake but still give him a scope to improve - using words that are not disheartening.

  1. Rescuer in the hard times - If you know your boss can take a stand for you when time needs, you will be willing to put extra efforts for your part of job to get it accomplished. Each of us have our bad times and a good boss can only be the one to show up for you in those times – whether it is standing by you against the odds or guiding and reassuring you.

All in all, the boss can contribute a lot to your happiness in an organisation because they are the medium of communication to the organisation for you. From my own experience I can say your performance can be directly affected by the kind of boss you have. Do you think so?

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