Thursday, January 10, 2013

Imagine Aspire Create

Though I haven’t finished reading this one, but ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ made me ponder over our brains that are so much systematic and functioned. The limit over which it is engaged in a calculation or any other activity is so much defined. We can proximately answer to what ‘2+2’ is but when we need to answer a bulky calculation like ‘34*673/52’, our brain prompts us to run for a paper and pen. How those instincts work as to give an answer or run for a paper and pen, is amazing.

Further a deeper thought into this functioning is how it has brought so much creativity into the world, and keep bringing in, contributed by each individual; perhaps a story like Da Vinci Code, a melodrama like Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, a technology like e-reader… (Note – I am not advertising for any of the above listings. It is just what came to my mind instantly). Each thing around us has so much creativity involved – a clock on the wall, a house outside your window and furniture on which you are sitting – you name it and ponder over the creativity. Somebody imagined it, aspired for it and created it. It is such a vast experience to dive and explore.

And to be more precise this work of mine is contemplation over this book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ and my first visit to Disney Land. The creativity has been put to its best at Disney Land (and no stone unturned to advertise it).

Long before we introduced this word we had it in our inner-selves, each one of us contributing to creativity, bringing into existence a beautiful world. Somehow creativity and beautiful world pictures a Bonsai plant to me. It is a wonderful creation into existence. How could somebody visualize a miniature tree and bring it into existence.
And a further musing into it makes harder for me to separate out innovation from creativity. I can always figure innovation as part of creativity. I feel the creativity in itself can visualize the so called innovation. Had Einstein been not creative (in addition to the curiosity), he would not have deciphered anything from a falling apple. How many times in a day do we perceive a falling thing as a subject of center of gravity?

As I mentioned Disney earlier, I wondered how those imaginations of people have been put to work there. Those rides are an innovation, merging the concept of a ride and a story of a cartoon character. And then there are street shows or parades. Those are really simple shows you might come across each day but the effects of creativity in the colors, music and characters make the children (even the adults) go crazy for it. A thin line between the fantasy world of a lil girl and reality; they imagined it and created it.

So let us all get our minds to work – imagine ’it’ today, aspire for ’it’ tomorrow and create ’it’ day after. And no doubt when God could be creative in creating a wonderful world why not us, His creations.    

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