Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day

Recently I had been to a shopping plaza and I had an experience worth sharing. My friend and I had walked through the plaza, checked out every store for whatever we did not want and now we were hungry. So we sat down in a cafeteria and I was fulfilling my son’s tantrums while eating that I realized that an old lady, around 75 years of age, was eyeing me. Being in a foreign country I’ll admit I am very conscious about my son’s as well as my manners. It is like both of us have to be in best of manners but with a 3 year old it seems impossible (even for me leave alone my boy)!

Anyways as she looked at me I wondered what was odd in me that she was staring at. Or maybe she wasn’t liking the way my son was behaving (though I know it wasn’t that bad a situation with my son) I thought and in vain tried to ignore her. For a few moments when I did forget her, concentrating on my son, somebody tapped on my shoulder. Turning back to look I saw it was the same lady and she said to me “I was admiring the mother magic in you. Don’t take it otherwise. You are doing great and keep going.” And she went. But she made my day.

And why did I share this story with you? Because it’s Women’s day and probably we have forgotten to commend the woman just next to us.  Each of us might be busy posting a Happy Women’s Day post or reading an article on most influential women in the world but we have forgotten the lady next to us. Have we ever thought just to go out and pat a woman’s back and say to her ‘You are the most influential house maker. Keep going.” Or have we ever thought of reaching out to a not-so-popular working woman who is giving her best shot to balance between home and work and said to her “You are doing just great. You are the most influential women in my life.” No right? So may be today just do it and it will really be a ‘Happy Women’s Day’ for that gal out there.

Feel free to leave your comment and tell me your story…how did you make a woman feel special today or may be any other day…or You Lady how did somebody make you feel special.

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