Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motherhood: A Song of Life

Motherhood –I had heard about this song but never experienced myself until I came to know I was expecting. The news brought tears to my eyes and I didn’t know why. And then, as if in a click, nursing, caring and intriguing 9 months passed and a lil ‘Kanha’ (as we called him then) came to my life.

The song of my life is titled Vedang and the first beautiful moment with him takes me back to the hospital room where I first saw him and I questioned myself ‘Am I a mom and is he my son?’… And today when I play the reel of that very moment when I had first seen him I cannot conjuncture when did he grow so close to me…That question never needed an argument or explanation to bring the bonding between us; which I neither do believe would be a case with any mother.  The bond, the song, the life, the love –whatever you call it - it all became magnetically attached to this baby and it seems to grow everyday, endlessly.

One string of this song cannot weave a story of cherishment; it’s a song of life – bringing smiles, tears, fears and past reflections of our childhood. Every moment of his creates a prose to sing and rhythm to tune to. Those proses just envisage my world in him.

But with every smiling moment there have also been the moments of fear. Those fears - to discover if my baby could see properly, if he couldn’t have a birth defect, if he could walk, if he could talk and so on - have come to me hauntingly…and to each of this fears when Vedang brought success, it was ‘a moment of joy and tears, and a glory over the fears’. I remember when he said his first word apart from the gurgles and it was a ‘bye’ to our neighbors…that moment became a date in my history book. When he clapped himself on his birthday, it became a date in my history book. When he parted from me to go to school, that day of guilt (that every mother suffers) became a date in my history book.

Celebrating and cherishing every moment, today two and half years have passed and those tiny legs have become racing feet, those gurgles have become unending bundle of questions and those tiny lil hands have become artistic crave for painting. But each of his action is neoteric to me and untiringly keeps singing to me the lovable song of Motherhood.

This blog is an entry for the contest Motherhood: A Song for Life. Here I am embedding the required video for the contest which surely plays well.

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