Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Busy in Coffice

I recently read an article about coffee shops turning into office for many and the concept appeared very fascinating to me. With freelancing becoming more and more common, the idea to grab your electronic gadget and move into a public place is gaining popularity. And the one public place brewing up is the office in a coffee shop – a cheap affair with caffeine on hand.

Imagine yourself sitting in a coffee shop working on your laptop, diaries or whatever, when somebody calls you to ask your whereabouts and you in return say ‘Oh I am busy in coffice…’ A new name for your workplace - ‘Coffice. Wow!

We search for innovation in a four tier wall called cabin; I really advice considering a coffice for innovation.  A cup full of caffeine and a room full of strangers –innovation could be ‘beaning’! It’s a place not only for writers but also for techies…with the Java incense! Even sales could steam over a cup of Joe.

Imagine a company who designs the whole office on the concept of a coffee shop. Our days would be ‘Cappuccino’, ‘Mocha’ and ‘Latte’.  Now that’s a ‘black coffee’ idea…let’s get back to work until the new entrepreneurs give it some ‘coffee beans’.

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