Thursday, April 12, 2012

Taglines Goof-up

A sight today prompted me to play with some taglines. It was an ad sign outside a small eatery. To be precise it was a handwritten ad made up of three different boards with a word on each. (Ohh how much better it would have been if I had my camera handy to show you rather than explaining it through words)

The words written on the signboards said -


…as I read them and I thought how incoherent of these people who say their first language is English. Then in a fraction of second I realised my over-sightedness – go back and read the words in reverse order and it all makes sense! I actually read the ad in reverse order and misconstrued it.

And how much relevant does it make the emphasis that is made in all work environments – ‘Give the product the customer perception’. The guy putting these signboards missed this perception and lost a potential customer (supposedly me) who did not get a word the eatery was trying to convey.

This thought set me to think about the readability issue I have had been working for in the past and frisk for some company taglines to goof up with. Here’s a list of them I played with:

  • Apple would say box the outside think
  • Bank of America would become an opportunist with a tagline ‘Opportunity of Bank
  • Barack Obama would get his mailbox full with optimistic replies to his questionNeed we change
  • Chrysler would go crazy with no mercy on its bankruptcy with clients claiming the product in taglineStandard comes Inspiration
  • This aint give any business to Expediaright travel travel just don’t
  • Men gonna get bloody with Gillette bringing up such products ‘Sharp feel sharp look
  • Ford’s minor quality observation ‘one job is quality
  • Yup GE guys needs to work in this order ‘Work at Imagination
  • This gonna give Jaguar and Office Depot a new avenue of business ‘performance of art’ and ‘business of care taking’ respectively.
  • Anyone could sue Gerber for this one ‘business our are babies
  • By the way to whom is Phillip Morris telling ‘Listen they’ll talk
  • And Lee is shouting it out ‘America built that Jeans’
  • Of all Budweiser played safe that way ‘Beers of King

And as obvious if you wanna read the original taglines read them in reverse…

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