Monday, May 7, 2012

Robot Mommies

Lying down tired at 1 a.m. through a sleepless night I wonder what could give me rest and a good sleep. My inner self responds immediately in two words - Mummy's place. In another second I ask myself why not the breather come at my sister’s or my sister-in-law’s place, though leisure time comes down in buckets there as well. And as if I am playing a question and answer game with myself, I reply they could be as tired as I am...What about Mommy? Naaaah that’s out of question. She cannot be ever tired right!! (She would never make us feel so even if she is and so many times we fail to realize ourselves that she would ever be tired.)

So many times when I am drained out or infact just don’t feel like doing the household stuff, I have reflected back upon times when I was with my mom. I have tried to reminisce times when I had a feeling that Mommy would be tired and that feeling appears to be so out of place!!


And while I write all this about Mommy I don’t want to skip this quote - ‘My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it’ – Mark Twain

Mommys’ bring us to the world and they bring world to us. Pouring the day-to-day lessons and homework, running us to dance and sports classes, exhibiting the right and the wrong and finally tucking us tight to sleep – it all comes in Mommy’s package and not to miss, it comes untiringly. They run before us to grab the perfect time for us, working non-stop to make the ends meet. It’s an unselfish and magnanimous job that pays at length to the kids in what they become.

To all mom's who are their kids' robots


  1. felt like written truly from heart :) yup, we all are so proud of our mom and of course miss her so much when you are away!!!

  2. Thanks Mahima...written in 'pro re nata' ;)

  3. Well written and very true. :)