Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daring the Words

It is my small story...from conjuncture of dream of getting myself read to accomplishment of plaguing all with my words, from composition of words to penning down a story, from posting my scribbles to perceiving myself as an exemplary writer.

When I first created the blog I was unsure of making it viewed-how many readers would stumble upon and then be glued to it to read more or may be find it worth sharing. I still dared.

I wanted even the name of the blog to be enticing - a unique composition of words that sent an epistle to readers. I worked upon it…jotting down names while theming each construction on subjects
like if it was a dream that I wanted to accomplish, or was I just going out expressing myself to the world or what arena was my work going to encompass.........then I dared this (Beyond Dreams)name.

I scribbled through few stories, articles to be my first launch and every time kept it aside for another review. They all then rested in a folder in search of a better work. This time I scrolled through the folder and then I dared to show up this one.

Yes finally I have dared…prepared myself to plague readers with my words and to settle them down between my words.

Daring a step ahead of dreams….


  1. Yayy... I m d first one to comment :)
    Any early bird prizes ??? :D

    Jokes apart, welcum to d club ;)
    And I like ur spirit, choice of words nd ur frugality of words :)

    1. Thanks Mr. Relentless seeker :)..yup there are early bird prizes and you are the undoubted winner. You got a free opportunity to share your new blog post with me ;P

  2. Great start dear!!May your passion find its wings and satisfies your soul..beyond dreams.Way to go!!